Hello everyone!

I have the honor of informing the clan of first, a new division and second of changes to all existing divisions that have recently been made and are going to go into effect ASAP. Please bear with me as this post is fairly long and contains a lot of important information.

First of all, We are proud to announce that a Diablo II  Division has been opened and is now currently under the leadership of . This Division is of course for players and hopeful players participating in the upcoming D2  which is set to begin its When Site Is done. 

Next up, we have the changes that were recently made and agreed upon by the Administration. Starting as soon as possible, all 'Main Divisions' will be required to have 2 DTL's, in addition, all current divisions will need to have 3 Coordinators, with a few exceptions:
  • Recruiting Coordinator - The Recruiting Coordinator reports to both their DTL and to the Talent Acquisition CTL and is a position meant to assist recruiters in a division and to assist in the recruitment of new members for a division.
  • Events and Tournaments Coordinator - The Events and Tournaments Coordinator reports to the DTL and is responsible for the creation and execution of Events and Tournaments within a division, Depending on the type of event these members may also report to the CTL Events and Traditions.
  • Development Coordinator - The Development Coordinator assists a DTL by overseeing the Trainers in a Division and by doing their best so that all members in a division who are asking for help in the form of in-game mentoring/training has their needs